How TakeSendShip dropshipping works? -The whole dropship process

How TakeSendShip dropshipping works? -The whole drop ship process

Hello, as the dropping service provider since 2009, today we would like to let you know what we are doing here for you, my name is Karlong, welcome to TakeSendShip.com

In this video, you can know clearly that we take care of everything from communication, purchasing, quality control, storage, label products, order fulfillment all in one system which is integrated with Shopify Amazon Aliexpress eBay Woo Commerce, and more, all your orders have the full tracking status in this system.

Our aim is to be your super supply chain that makes your e-commerce business become easy to control, under our secure, technical fulfillment service. By having a reliable fulfillment service with a dedicated account manager, we let you focus on the market, there will be no need for you to worry about any backend logistics, you just choose products and market them.

For more detail of each part of our drop shipping service, like how to use our system to order service, how we sort and purchase the product, how your order move in our warehouse, how is our packing service and our shipping solutions. Pls keep following us, we will update more videos as soon as possible. See you soon.