How can sensitive goods sellers send international express safely ?

In international express transportation, all the transported goods are divided into three categories: ordinary products, sensitive products and prohibited products. Except for ordinary products that have no special requirements in international express transportation, sensitive goods have certain requirements and restrictions in international express transportation.

Sensitivity includes electronic products, rechargeable battery products, food industry, skin care products, liquids, imitations and other products. Sensitive products cannot be imported or exported. There are two reasons why such products cannot be imported or exported. One is that this type of product poses a certain threat to the airports of the maritime industry and has certain transportation risks, and the other is that the customs of the destination country has requirements for the safety factor of the product.

Therefore, the transportation of such objects requires relevant qualification documents and qualification documents. If there are no relevant qualification documents and qualification documents, the product cannot be mailed.

1. There are product quality certification materials

In order to better safely transport sensitive goods overseas, relevant product quality certification materials are required. Import and export of rechargeable battery products must provide MSDS report, risk package certificate, and product transportation specification review certificate. There are such documents to prove the safety factor of rechargeable battery products, and it is more complicated to prove many necessary to import and export rechargeable battery products.

The same is true for mailing other sensitive items. It is necessary to provide different product quality certification materials according to different types of products to confirm that network security products can be imported and exported.

2. No product quality certification materials

Sensitive products that have not undergone product quality certification can be mailed by flushing, and must be mailed through logistics channels that can mail sensitive goods.

Takesendship has been deeply involved in cross-border logistics for 12 years. It has accumulated rich experience in the field of cross-border logistics, integrated domestic and foreign upstream and downstream high-quality logistics resources, and opened up many logistics channels for sensitive goods on European and American routes. It can stably mail live, pure electric, magnetic, liquid, cosmetics, imitation brands, first-line brands, kitchen knives and other sensitive goods for international transportation. First of all, I would like to introduce you to the sensitive cargo channels in the United States.

International express channel for sensitive goods

UPS special goods channel: goods that can be connected to internal electricity and power distribution (mobile phones, computers, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, etc.), live imitation brand products, imitation brand electronic products, etc.; imitation brand shoes, bags, clothing, etc., first-line brand products , electronic cigarettes, sights, super power solar panels, adult products and other special goods.

DHL special goods channels: built-in and supporting battery electronic products (mobile phones, computers, cameras, Bluetooth headsets, etc.); electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, imitation brand clothes, shoes, bags, etc.; epidemic prevention supplies (such as forehead thermometers, thermometers, etc.) Class, ventilator, protective clothing, disposable gloves, disposable hats, disposable shoe covers, goggles, protective face gear, etc.); first-line brands, such as LV, NIKE, GUCCI, ADIDAS, PRADA, Rolex, UGG, HERMES, Dior, Chanel, Armani, New Balance, Jordan, etc.

FedEx special goods channels: built-in batteries, supporting battery goods, epidemic prevention materials, protective clothing, disposable gloves, disposable hats, disposable shoe covers, goggles, protective face gear, forehead thermometers, thermometers, ventilators, etc. ; Textiles, mobile storage accessories, LED lights, vehicle accessories, outdoor riding accessories and other goods.

International special line sensitive cargo channel

American special line, Canada special line, European special line, German special line, UK special line, French special line, Italian special line, Spain special line, Russia special line, Japan special line, Israel special line, Ukraine special line, etc.

Stable walking, textiles, battery products, mobile power, pure battery products, electronic cigarettes, cosmetics, kitchen knives, nail glue, paste cosmetics, facial masks, adult products and other special goods.

Among them, the US special goods line can also take perfume, knives, slingshots, products with an offensive nature, and oil-containing electronic cigarettes.

Sensitive cargo channels for postal parcels

Dutch postal parcel: Dutch postal parcel with a weight limit of 2kg. It can send stable battery products such as internal electricity, supporting batteries, pure batteries, mobile power supplies, etc.; it can send sensitive goods such as cosmetics, liquids, kitchen knives, etc., and the single number supports the delivery of AliExpress platform.

Guangzhou E-Post-Z: A sensitive channel in E-Post, which can send built-in electricity and supporting electronic products (mainly including mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, digital cameras, electronic watches, Bluetooth keyboards, multi-function alarm clocks, wireless routers) , and other built-in lithium battery products), cosmetics, lighters and other sensitive goods, the weight limit is 2kg. Internet access on the same day, the timeliness is stable, and the investment is completed in an average of 8-15 days.

Guangzhou EMS-Internal electricity: 3C electronic products that can use internal electricity, the battery size should not be too large, and the power should not exceed 100Wh. Regardless of the throw, the shipping fee is cheap, and the European route is 4.3% off the published price.

For more special goods channels, please consult Takesendship Online Customer Service.Takesendshipprovides free door-to-door pickup service in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Yiwu. In Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan and other regions, door-to-door pickup is also available depending on the situation.