What's 3PL? What are the advantages of TakeSendShip as a 3PL.

3PL is third-party logistics. It refers to the outsourcing of e-commerce logistics processes to third-party companies, providing services such as inventory management, warehousing and logistics. 3PLs help e-commerce sellers get more done and automated retail order systems to improve sellers' sales efficiency.

Today I would like to introduce to you the advantages of TakeSendShip as a professional service provider.

Shenzhen Takesend Logistics was established in 2009. We focus on serving e-commerce sellers for more than 13 years. In 2019, we launched the brand TakeSendShip, which serves foreign e-commerce sellers. We have the following advantages.

1. We can provide fulfillment services for e-commerce sellers, including product sourcing, storage, brand packaging, and logistics services.

2. We have an app system specially built for foreign sellers. When foreign users are selling their own products, they do not have to worry about language problem, our user interface is very friendly. And our system is free.

3. The sales platforms we support include amazon, ebay, shopify, alibaba, etc. You just need to import the order. You can save more time processing orders.

4. We can provide professional warehousing services, and register now you can get 60-day free period.

5. If you sell products on Amazon and shopify, we can easily solve the difficult problems of brand customization and packaging for customers.

6. As a professional logistics company, we can easily solve logistics problems for you. Whether it is cosmetics, brand products, kitchen knives or electronic cigarettes, we can match you with suitable logistics channels.

You sell we ship for you.