What's D2C? What's the D2C e-commerce model?

D2C, a trade term for cross-border e-commerce in 2022, is very hot. Most people know about B2C B2B in e-commerce before, but many people don't know about D2C.

So what kind of e-commerce model is D2C? TakeSendShip will come to know it together with everyone.

The purpose of D2C is to take the end user as the leading role, recommend and share the experience and use of the products you use, and the main ways of recommending and sharing are mostly social media (Facebook, ins, TikTok, Twitter, etc.). It is a new type of marketing model that can obtain certain manufacturer points or coupons.

Themes in D2C mode are divided into the following three categories:

1: Product production company (business)
Responsible for the overall controller, responsible for the planning and deployment of the entire promotion and marketing promotion.

2: Agent
It belongs to the intermediary that connects the previous and the next. Mainly responsible for cooperating with the company's marketing activities in product sales and product distribution.

3: Buyer user (buyer)
The terminal of D2C mode, an important participant of this mode. Responsible for complaints and suggestions and generating orders.
In principle, product production companies do not provide product sales and distribution. All orders generated by it are sold and delivered by cooperative agents. Buyer users can directly interact with the production company and make their own suggestions. You can also directly contact the company for complaints and after-sales problems. To a certain extent, it has promoted the continuous optimization of the company's products.

In this process, the company is responsible for the promotion and marketing of the product, and the agent is responsible for generating orders and shipping. In this process, the payment made by the seller user will not be paid directly to the production company but will be paid to the agent.

Payment relationship: The production company and the agent have funds in circulation, and the agents and sellers have funds in circulation.

The relationship of communication and interaction: The production company and the seller user can directly communicate and interact. Agents are only responsible for the sale and distribution of goods.

The benefits of D2C mode:

1: Agents do not need to be responsible for promotion and marketing themselves, and use their own experience and advantages to optimize the distribution of sales orders.

2: The production company uses the e-commerce network to make up for its own sales. It not only opened up the online market but also continued to maintain the offline market.

3: Better management, allowing users to interact directly with enterprises, and even improve or customize products based on user feedback. Ensure the competitiveness and diversity of products.

4: D2C can use the participation of buyers and users to ensure the popularity of its own products and the rise of brand influence.

5: After cooperating with agents, enterprises can exchange for a broader market with the smallest investment.

To sum up, the D2C e-commerce model has a certain role in promoting product optimization and enhancing its own brand power. It is suitable for production companies that expect to communicate and interact directly with users, and have no energy to operate the model that requires sales and distribution.

There are many types of e-commerce models. The most famous may not be the most suitable. On the contrary, the one that adapts to oneself is the best.