What if a buyer complains that they received the wrong product or received nothing?

Can the wrongly-delivered product be returned?

Can I file a claim with the logistics carrier?

For all e-commerce sellers (Shopify,Wix,Woocommerce,etsy, amazon,ebay,aliexpress...) a key part is to send the products purchased by buyers to the destination. This is the basis to offer buyers a good shopping experience and also promote their stores.

However, the working state of people is flawed to a certain extent. I believe that many e-commerce sellers have once encountered bad situations that should have avoided: such as customers received the wrongly-delivered products or no product. Is this caused by the negligence of the seller's warehouse staff or of the logistics carrier? This article will analyze the reasons and provide solution guidance for you.

1: What is the reason for the buyer to receive the wrongly-delivered product?

Warehouses of many seller warehouses are filled with products. Not all sellers can use the most advanced robots to automatically pick goods. Instead, they need to hire a large number of employees for that. Generally, there is no guarantee that they will make no mistakes. Skilled employees will greatly reduce the error rate, but still not 100% error-free. Especially when there are too many packages beyond the normal workload, errors may occur to sorting and printing address labels.

So the negligence of the seller's warehouse for the wrong delivery accounts for 50%

2: Caused by the seller's logistics carrier in the process of sorting the destination country.

In this regard, I believe that many sellers do not know how the packages are handled they handed over to the cooperative logistics carrier.

After your package is handed over to the logistics carrier, the logistics carrier will first classify the packages, such as international express (DHL UPS FEDEX), standard (EMS and dedicated line express) and ordinary (E-mail treasure international postal small package and large package) ) packages.

Larger logistics carriers cooperate with many national post offices.

Taking TakeSendShip as an example, its self-developed Dutch postal line channel directly connects with the Dutch postal service. The packages are sorted by an advanced fully automatic integrated process sorting machine. The goods are first shipped from Shenzhen, China by air to the Netherlands (usually 1-2 working days), and then sorted and sent out after arriving at the Netherlands Post.

In the same way, the probability of errors of logistics carriers with automatic sorting machines are greatly reduced. On the contrary, logistics carriers applying manual sorting may make mistakes in this link, resulting in package loss or serious delay in the wrong destination, accounting for 30%

3: The staff of the post office where the buyer is located may stealthily substitute or embezzle the products, resulting in disputes with sellers for wrong or empty packages, accounting for 15-20%

4: The buyer lied that the product has not been received or the product is wrongly-delivered for dissatisfaction (randomly find irrelevant products).

Such buyers are fully aware of the buyer protection policies of the platforms. Taking ebay as an example, once the dispute is filed for receiving the wrong product or the product does not match the description, the seller must accept the return request, and even receives a bad review. The endless tricks of such inferior buyers hurt the seller the most.

Fortunately, this proportion is low. But the most important thing is to attract sellers' attention to improve their own process standardization and strengthen prevention.

In summary, can the buyer return the wrongly-delivered product?

The answer is: yes.

1: You can contact the buyer to return the package. The return route and fee can be negotiated with the buyer. Most buyers are happy to solve problems for sellers.

2: In case of buyers who are unwilling to go to the post office to return the goods, the seller can purchase a prepaid label from the post office where the buyer is located and choose the door-to-door pickup service. In that case, buyers only need to hand over the package to the post office staff.

Can the buyer claim for compensation for the wrongly-delivered product from the logistics carrier?

Some of the reasons mentioned above may cause the problem. First, the seller needs to figure out the liable causes. In case the fault is caused by the logistics carrier unilaterally, it can file a claim with the cooperative logistics carrier.

The standard of compensation and the time required varies among the major logistics carriers. At the same time, due to the relatively cumbersome confirmation and processing, most of them will enter a long delay. This may lead to conflicts between sellers and the cooperating logistics carriers

Therefore, it is especially important to reduce the occurrence of errors.

The following is a case of an international sales seller and a cooperative fulfillment logistics carrier TakeSendShip who

compensated customers for wrong shipments:

The seller entrusted a customized product package to TakeSendShip to send it to the buyer's destination country with XXX. Due to the large size of the items,TakeSendShip arranged drivers to pick up the items for the convenience of customers.

After the goods arrived at the TakeSendShip operation warehouse, the automatic sorting machine was not used for sorting due to the large size. TakeSendShip arranged staffs to manually reinforce the packaging. The buyer's delivery address label was re-posted on the reinforced packaging. After the operation was completed, the goods were successfully delivered to XXX company on the same day.

In most cases, the tracking number information will be updated after the TakeSendShip goods are out of the warehouse. But in this case, the tracking information was not updated after 24 hours. With the seller's consultation, TakeSendShip immediately initiated self-checks. Fortunately, the whole process can be traced on video since the goods entered the warehouse. It was found that the goods were indeed successfully delivered to the XXX staff. TakeSendShip contacted the XXX staff and found that the delivery quantity was also correct.

After a detailed discussion with the XXX staff, the video revealed that the address label of the package broke and fell off for being rubbed against the ground. As a result, the XXX sorting operator mistakenly believed that the goods and another goods belonged to the same shipment.

After knowing that the goods have been sent and cannot be intercepted, to ensure the interests of both buyers and sellers, TakeSendShip, considering from the seller's point of view, recommended the seller to re-deliver the item as it may take 1-2 weeks for the item to be returned. Meanwhile, to defend the interests of sellers, TakeSendShip bore all the costs of re-ordering products and ensured a good shopping experience for buyers.

Since then TakeSendShip has doubled its efforts in self-inspection to avoid such mistakes.

After the goods were shipped to the wrong destination, we learned that we could handle the situation in two ways:

I. Compensate the declared value.
II. Return the goods.

Since the product is customized, TakeSendShip required a complete return. After the goods were returned, we returned it to the seller who, to express its gratitude, agreed to compensate our quick processing with the value of certain products.

Since then, driven by mutual understanding of each other, the seller and TakeSendShip have become more trusted and in-depth partners.

It is neither a scary thing encountering mistakes, nor complicated the returning. Compensation is not as cumbersome as imagined.

You just need to choose the right cooperative logistics carrier (TakeSendShip) to save your trouble.