What are the matters needing attention for DHL sending goods to the Amazon warehouse?

In order to generate better shopping experience for buyers, send the goods to the Amazon warehouse and send the products to the buyers using the Amazon's self-built logistics. As a result, many sellers work with logistics carriers to help them complete the Amazon header delivery. (Shipping to Amazon warehouse) has become a daily job for Amazon sellers.

DHL is one of the important channel delivery methods of many Amazon sellers. Because DHL, UPS, FedEx and other international express companies have reported with the U. S. customs, so that they can pass after simple inspection and verification. It also makes it important for sellers to self-monitor in the process of sending goods, because they may be returned once there is mistakes.

TakeSendShip shares some of the notes for the shipping easiest to be returned for Hong Kong DHL shipping:

1: When DHL sends goods, it must achieve DDP so that it can pass the automatic customs verification, otherwise they will be returned by default.

DHL has signed a simple express operation process with the US Customs. As long as you choose the tariff DDP mode (the tariff sender prepaid), you can automatically pass the US customs review and automatically go to the receiver of the Amazon warehouse, which ensures the effectiveness of DHL to the greatest extent.

2: Please be sure to pay attention to the declared value of the DHL goods sent to the Amazon warehouse.

The US custom requires that the goods DHL sent to the US Amazon warehouse shall not be less than $800. If the goods are less than this declared value, they will be declared by default as not conforming to the DDP prepaid tariff model. Please note that it is the declared value that shall not be less than $800.

3: The recipient's address must be verified by himself.

For the recipient address of the Amazon US warehouse, many sellers will directly write their warehouse code (for example, MQJ3) to the recipient's name and address bar. This defaults to an invalid address at the end of the DHL because the address of the Amazon warehouse is 'Amazon' without extra characters. Once the address is ruled invalid, DHL returns by default.

4: The recipient name must be checked to be spelled correctly.

This may be the simplest error, but it is also one of the mistakes that most sellers make: sellers have misspelled Amazon as mazon or AMOZON, etc. This generates the return caused by the wrong spelling of the recipient name, making it necessary to check the name and address of the recipient to be correct before delivery.

Human work is not as accurate as that of a computer. Although the chance of making mistakes can be minimized, similar mistakes may still occur, resulting in the return of goods and causing damage. Then how should we avoid it?

From warehouse to order production and then to delivery from godown , TakeSendShip divides the process into three procedures, achieving triple inspection for one order. By security check, weight check, and address check, it is under inspection layer upon layer, striving to minimize the error rate and the possible potential losses for sellers.

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