Why do we need a professional dropshipping supplier?

Why do we need a professional dropshipping supplier? dropshipping suppliers with fast shipping.

Hello, everyone, 
Today, let me explain the process of dropshipping. Why do we need a professional dropshipping supplier? 
1. Choose a good product and supplier, build your own brand. 
2. Choose the right platform and build your own shop. Such as Tiktok, Shopify, Walmart, Ebay, Etsy.
Why not Amazon? please watch my previous videos, how to choose a platform? Which country can do dropshipping business?
3. Use multiple payment methods, paypal, Shopify payment. Credit card, google pay, apple pay, etc.
4. Marketing facebook ads, google ads, social marketing such as Instagram, tiktok, reddit, etc. Please remember to focus on one platform and one type of advertisement, do not advertise on multiple platforms at the same time. It’s difficult for the beginner to do many advertisements in different platforms. 
5. Choose the right theme for your shop. 
6. Choose fast logistics services.
7. Do good customer service. For example, provide correct tracking number, resolve the quality problem, shipping time, not received?
Oh, maybe you think it’s too difficult business. But you know there is no pie in the sky. We need to work hard every day to do our job well in order to succeed in the end.

So if your product costs high, the quality can’t control, the shipping speed slow. It Will cause a lot of problems, You will be failed in your dropshipping business. Your customer will leave your store. They will not come back. 
And that's why you need a professional dropshipping supplier. What we can do?
1. Source service free. 
2. 90 days free storage.  
3. Standard shipping delivery service round 7-10 days to Eu countries, usa and Canada. 
4. DHL, UPS, Fedex, Express shipping service arrive in europe countries, usa and Canada only need 3-5 days.  
I randomly selected some logistics numbers from our customers' shipments. You may check them at the below website. 
Tracking # for USA
Tracking # for UK.
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