How to ensure that the holiday promotion and transportation will not be delayed?

For ordinary people, holidays are to relax themselves, meaning that one can enjoy hanging-out, delicious food, travel and shopping s much as one likes to get a better life.

Cross-border e-commerce sellers are very busy on holidays, because there will be holiday marketing, which is different from the usual marketing activities. It often appears with the characteristics of more concentrated and large preferential margin as well as sales surge, etc. Well-known e-commerce marketing includes Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Day, Amazon Member Day, Super Saturday, Halloween, Green Monday, New Year, etc.

Good holiday promotion preparation is a must, which require us to take all kinds of factors into account. If the promotion is not controlled, it may lead to the failure of the promotion. During holidays, many industry employees may be off (including postal transportation personnel), and ordinary consumers hope to receive their favorite items more quickly during holiday shopping, which requires sellers to be fully prepared for the time control of logistics and transportation.

To do a good job in holiday promotions, you must be fully prepared and take into account various factors. If the promotion activities are not controlled, it may lead to the failure of the promotion. During the holidays, many industry practitioners may have holidays (including postal transport personnel), and ordinary consumers want to receive their favorite items more quickly during holiday shopping, which requires sellers to make full preparations for the timeliness control of logistics and transportation.

How to control the delivery without delay during the holiday promotion period?

1: Prepare adequate inventory since it wastes more time on replenishment during holiday promotions.

2: Choose the highly efficient transportation mode (UPS, DHL, FEDEX) as far as possible, which can greatly reduce the transportation time.

3. Rapidly process and send the goods to the cooperative logistics carrier in less time.

4: Select safe and reliable logistics carriers, and strive to ensure the safe transportation of goods during the holiday promotion.

5. Prepare for possible sudden transportation problems in advance.

We briefly analyze sudden transportation problems through a case of holiday promotion sudden exceptions provided by TakeSendShip.

Seller A sent a batch of ordinary goods through UPS by TakeSendShip during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. TakeSendShip received the goods and delivered the goods to UPS. UPS made feedback to TakeSendShip that some employees of TakeSendShip were off duty during the holiday, making it possible for the goods to stranded in the UPS warehouse until the end of the holiday.

TakeSendShip quickly reflected this important information to the seller, who said the goods was urgent and wanted TakeSendShip to help. TakeSendShip then asked the customer service staff to contact the UPS to negotiate for an emergency treatment. UPS responded that during the festival, an express channel for large goods could be used to deliver normally, but seller A’s goods was not up to standard, making it impossible to use the channel to deliver.

Learning this information, TakeSendShip decided to put the seller's goods into a larger packaging box for secondary packaging to meet the standard of the normal delivery channel of the UPS festival and informed the seller that the goods had been sent out normally.

In view of the long-term friendly cooperative relationship with the seller, TakeSendShip bore the full price difference of the transportation costs of the goods.

The seller was very pleased to learn that the goods were sent out normally to reach the customer within the scheduled commitment time limit, and was very grateful to TakeSendShip for its professional and fast service.

TakeSendShip(www.takesendship.com) is committed to providing professional cross-border logistics services, and is willing to work with more cross-border sellers to create brilliant achievements.