How does UPS, DHL, FedEx sign for arrival at the destination?

The receipt of international express parcels is the last step for many cross-border sellers and buyers to use international express delivery, and it is also the most relaxing moment. The package that crosses the ocean can finally complete its mission, and the receipt also means that the transportation of the order is completed. The waiting may be to confirm receipt of payment and complete the order.

So will the receipt be as smooth as many people imagine? In fact, there are still many problems that need to be paid attention to and need to be known and avoided.
The following is an analysis of multiple real receipt cases provided by TakeSendShip: What do I need to pay attention to when signing? What should I do if I encounter a problem?
1: Do I need to check the customs duties when signing for international express delivery?

1: If the package shows no tariff status, it will be arranged for direct delivery.
If the recipient destination does not have a direct (UPS/DHL/FEDEX) branch, it may be delivered by a local cooperative third party (without affecting the tracking information).
Due to COVID-19, many packages are delivered contactless, usually to mailboxes or to the front garden and door of the house (and sometimes to neighbors).

2: If the package has a tariff status, it needs to pay the tariff before delivery.
In general, the recipient can contact the customs directly, pick up the package or wait for delivery after paying the tax.
If the package has been prepaid by the sender, the package tariff may be charged to the recipient at the time of delivery.

3: If the recipient of the package contacts the designated agent of the package shipping company (UPS/DHL/FEDEX) for customs clearance, the package will be fully handed over to the customs clearance agent to be responsible for customs clearance and delivery of the package.

2: What should I do if the international express (UPS/DHL/FEDEX) shows that the delivery fails?

Usually, the reasons for the delivery failure may be wrong address information, wrong contact information, no response from the sender and unable to provide a signature, whether there are customs duties to be paid, etc.
If you encounter such problems, you should check the recipient address information first. After the verification is correct, you can contact the sender to deliver the package again or pick up the package yourself.

3: The tracking information shows that the receipt is successful, what should the recipient say that they have not received it?

Under normal circumstances, a successful receipt means that the package has been delivered successfully. If the recipient informs that the package has not been received, it can be verified by the following methods:
1: The recipient contacts the local delivery company and provides the tracking number to check the receipt status of the package.
2: The recipient can contact family members/colleagues/neighbors/delivery station whether there is a sign for it.
3: The recipient checks the front and back of the house and the mailbox delivery station. Sometimes the courier will drop the package directly.
4: Check that the tracking number of the package, as well as the address and recipient name, phone number and other information are correct.
5: If the package cannot be found by the above methods, the recipient needs to file with the local post office, and the sender can also check with the destination country post office.

Four: When the package is received, the package is damaged and the goods are damaged. How to deal with the lack of it?
When the recipient receives the package, if the goods are damaged and the goods are missing, they should immediately inform the sender of this important information, keep the video and picture image data, and ask the sender to provide the record and issue a certificate of damage and the receipt of the goods. bill.
With the record number and damage certificate, plus the corresponding image data, note the number of good product names. The sender can apply for assistance to the cooperative logistics carrier to claim compensation.

TakeSendShip recommends that the correct recipient name, phone number, and address information when mailing the package is one of the guarantees to ensure the normal receipt of the package. At the same time, it should also follow the laws and regulations of the destination country, do not mail contraband, declare it truthfully, and treat customs clearance correctly. matter.
At the same time, all sellers who cooperate with TakeSendship can apply to TakeSendShip for free assistance and compensation if they find problems.

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