How to rectify if the HK UPS receipt address is wrong?

Based on the solid deposit accumulated through years of operation, Hong Kong UPS has a highly integrated global service transportation network. The advantages of high efficiency, fast speed and safety make it one of the express delivery logistics channels used more and more frequently by cross-border e-commerce sellers in 2022.

UPS parcel address error is undoubtedly the last thing for cross-border sellers, because a little careless consequences may make cross-border sellers pay extra expensive costs, and serious cases may also lead to the loss of goods due to untimely delivery or bad feedback left by unsatisfied buyers.

In order to reduce such errors, cross-border sellers use ERP mostly to assist the completion of orders. However, there is still imperfection, that is, the order address sheet may be pasted wrongly in the most critical packaging link. Therefore, how cross-border sellers should deal with such problems has become a key point of attention. After all, only by rectifying errors as far as possible can we reduce losses.

Let’s see the emergency remedy case below provided by Shenzhen TakeSendShip Logistics Co., Ltd., a cooperative agent of Hong Kong UPS.

Determining the time when the address sheet error occurred at the first time is critical because the earlier you find, the better, for it will directly affect whether your remedy can be successful or not.

1: The goods are still in the cooperative logistics carrier warehouse. In this case, it is relatively simple to process. You can directly contact the cooperative logistics carrier to help it modify into the correct address or express sheet (generally without cost).

2: The goods have been handed over to the UPS processing center in Hong Kong. At this time, you can contact the UPS to assist with the change it as the correct address cargo express sheet (possibly generates address modification fee). Generally, only the agent has this negotiation authority.

3: The goods have been handed over to the destination country, but has not been delivered. If the problem is found when tracking the parcel before the first delivery attempt, the seller can also help contact UPS to modify the delivery address and rearrange delivery date (free modification for once, but limited to the same area address modification, cross-regions modification may produce transportation costs).

4: If the express has been signed for by the wrong recipient, many sellers may have planned to lose their money. But now we tell you that there is a possibility of rescue at this stage.TakeSendShip Logistics has successfully helped its cooperative seller to ask for the package back from the wrong recipient (free assistance from TakeSendShip Logistics).

5: The parcel is confirmed with the wrong express sheet, which may be the wrong recipient and the corresponding wrong goods. At this time, you can contact the cooperative logistics carrier to return it and resend it (resulting in a refund fee and possible tariff).

6: If exactly two packages are posted at the wrong address, you can contact the recipient to negotiate a mutual mailing and indicate that the transportation costs will be borne.

The above several losses caused by address errors are large and small, but for the seller, no such errors is the most critical. A good remedy is better than a timely prevention.

TakeSendShip has fully introduced the automatic weighing, verification and sorting intelligent system, which can automatically check the estimated weight and volume of the order system of the cooperative seller intelligently. Once an index is inconsistent, it can be found in time, with the accuracy rate as high as 99.99%. It correct the errors for the majority of cross-border sellers as well as recovering the losses.

TakeSendShip performs every service work well with heart and soul.