Traditional cross-border storage transformation of cloud warehouse storage methods

Generally speaking, the sales of traditional e-commerce companies and sellers in the front section cannot be separated from the strong support of their own warehousing and logistics, and the new cross-border e-commerce enterprises or sellers are even more inseparable from the strategic layout of cloud warehouse warehousing. Only by upgrading the original warehousing and logistics management system as a whole can we not fall behind in the pace of The Times.

So how to transform the self-built and self-managed warehousing of traditional cross-border e-commerce enterprises or sellers into cloud warehouse warehousing? And what conditions need to be met?

Generally, the creation of cross-border e-commerce warehouses requires the statistics of their own sales volume and the types of goods to calculate an actual area needed for the warehouse. However, due to the uncertainty of the sales volume of cross-border e-commerce, in cooperation with cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse, we should select on the basis of reducing the cost and ensuring the processing time. In order to reduce the risk of operation, some goods with more miscellaneous SKU products are centrally converted into cross-border cloud warehouse storage mode. It has become the preferred transition method for most traditional cross-border storage transformation and cloud warehouse storage.

Then what is the transition (or transition) to cloud warehouse storage?

It is necessary to deliver the goods to the cooperative cloud warehouse storage company in advance, and carefully record and analyze the time and process required from entering the warehouse to putting the product on the shelf according to the process. After all the preparations are completed, it is also necessary to compare and connect the logistics transmission channels of cooperative warehousing, and be sure to check whether it meet the processing time and delivery time promised to the buyer in the sales order. When these two preparation conditions are met, you can switch to the cloud warehouse to process orders with one click.

How to choose the cross-border cloud warehouse storage?

Many cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises have a certain understanding of the cross-border cloud warehouse storage agent delivery and also know how the cross-border cloud warehouse operates. But they have no idea of how to choose the corresponding cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse. Here we will help you how to choose your own cross-border cloud warehouse from the following three aspects.

1.The geographical location and storage area of cloud  storage company directly determine its cargo storage capacity and transportation capacity, and whether its supporting hardware is perfect, such as automatic scanning sorting machine, self-inspection cargo X-ray security inspection machine, forklift, pallet tray, etc. It determines whether the cloud warehouse storage company is suitable for the flexible operation mode of small-batch and multi-batch of e-commerce.

2.Due to the requirements for cloud warehouse goods sorting accuracy and timeliness are very high, and the uncontrollable factors like  sales ups and downs in the industry, cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises have to use a third party ERP for management, making whether the warehouse order management system of the target cloud warehouse WMS warehouse mutually recognize and exchange data with the  ERP software used by the cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises the key to choose cloud warehouse.

3.Whether the customer service system of the target cloud warehouse company is perfect

The internal personnel arrangement and management of the cross-border cloud warehouse will directly affect the processing capacity of the whole cloud warehouse, which is usually not easy to reach. However, we can reverse whether the company's staffing and management is efficient through the online order information updates and the actual service feedback of the customer service system. From the simplest information update of receipt, warehouse, and  putting on the shelf, we can understand the work efficiency of the cloud warehouse. The improvement of the customer service system provides a safety guarantee for the sudden situation. It will not be unable to contact the corresponding customer service personnel due to emergencies.

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