Is the cross-border one-stop cloud warehouse storage management feasible?

We have previously learned that cross-border cloud warehouse is a cloud warehouse storage agency service provided for cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises.

Cross-border one-stop cloud warehouse storage is the upgraded version or the final complete version of cross-border cloud warehouse storage service, which is to provide one-stop cloud warehouse warehousing service for cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises on the basis of cloud warehouse warehousing services. Generally speaking, it is an integrated one-stop solution system after cross-border e-commerce sellers generate orders.

With the increasing maturity of the new cross-border cloud warehouse system, many cross-border e-commerce sellers have been dissatisfied with the goods storage, order sorting and other related services provided by the current cloud warehouse situation. It is the emergence of this demand generates the one-stop cloud warehouse storage management as Times require.

Then is the cross-border e-commerce one-stop cloud warehouse storage management feasible? Next, we will answer this question with field instigation from the TakeSendShip.

At present, TakeSendShip has a large professional goods storage warehouse of more than 10,000 square meters and a professional WMS storage management system, matched with the information management of employees, easily handling more than 10,000 orders per day.

The success of TakeSendShip modern one-stop cloud warehouse storage management cannot be separated from advanced information fine management and electronic fully automated sorting equipment. The powerful WMS storage management system can directly connect with the background of the mainstream e-commerce platforms (ebay aliexpress, etc.), and can also perfectly connect with the mainstream third-party ERP e-commerce sales management system on the market. At present, it support: Mabang ERP, Mango ERP, Little Boss, Sumy, Tongtool, ECPP, Dianxiaomi, Sumool, PayPal, WangXiaoWang, Irobotbox ERP, Allroot ERP, etc.

Meanwhile, TakeSendShip provides each customer with 1V1 professional response customer service, which fundamentally solves the relevant operational related problems that may be encountered, and fully realize the cloud control of  all operation links in the cloud warehouse. The whole process from the order generation to the delivery of the goods is completed within the scope of video surveillance, which greatly ensures the standardization and security of the goods operation, and can be monitored and updated in real time from the cloud system. In the true sense, it realizes cloud warehouse, cloud view and cloud operation.

Cross-border one-stop cloud warehouse storage management greatly facilitates the storage management of cross-border e-commerce sellers and enterprises and bring a warehouse management quality leap to the majority of cooperative cross-border sellers.

TakeSendShip's high-quality and efficient one-stop cloud warehouse storage management service is inseparable from a comprehensive and constantly updated scientific management system. TakeSendShip one-stop service content currently includes: one warehouse, one agent delivery, one-key whole process operation and other services. Meanwhile, highly anticipated product optimization channel recommendation and corresponding value-added customized personalized services have been online.

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