Shopify and Alipay (Alipay) establish cooperation, Shopify Chinese merchant opportunities?

If it is said that the biggest problem encountered by Chinese shopify merchants is not products and transportation, it may be the problem of buyers' payment and collection. The resolution of this problem marks the beginning of the success of Shopify's business plan. Today, the cooperation between shopify and alipay allows shopify merchants to not only seamlessly connect the payment of more than 1 billion annual active users in China, but also open up payment channels for shopify merchants in Asia, and also unlock more shopify sellers. potential.

What is the overseas/international version of Alipay?

Alipay, the overseas version of Alipay, is a diversified local or cross-border payment solution for global merchants. With a truly innovative e-wallet payment solution, Alipay provides seamless payment methods and a convenient customer experience (from Alipay International's official website introduction). Alipay overseas/international version is suitable for catering, snacks and travel industries. Alipay Overseas (International) Edition also provides Alipay mini-programs for merchants, enabling more developers to participate in and join this huge ecosystem, and build a variety of functions and modules for merchants around the world to meet different needs. to meet the needs of different scenarios and expand Alipay's overseas (international) influence.

How to register for Alipay (International Version)?

To register Alipay (international version) Alipay, you need to log in to the Alipay (international version) homepage, and click the "Login" button on the upper right to register.

What did the cooperation between Shopify and Alipay achieve?

Through Alipay, a new payment channel, Shopify merchants will be able to seamlessly accept payments not only from more than 1 billion active users in China, but also from hundreds of millions of consumers in other Asian regions in the future.

What are the benefits of this cooperation for cross-border merchants?

Attracting consumers across Asia is undoubtedly a huge growth opportunity for merchants, and Alipay has provided financial inclusion services to more than 1 billion Chinese people. This cooperation will assist merchants to provide these potential cross-border consumers with the best shopping experience.

As we all know, the "Double Eleven" shopping season attracts hundreds of millions of consumers every year. According to Alibaba, the merchandise transaction value (GMV) generated during the Singles' Day event this year reached US$74 billion. Companies in the U.S. earned more than $5.4 billion in sales from the Chinese market, making it the international market that recorded the most sales during the event.

At present, the Alipay payment channel is now open to all Shopify merchants in the United States, but more markets will access the service in the future, including Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.