Do TakeSendShip services include international express delivery channels?

Cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises need to consider not only whether they can provide warehousing and one package delivery agency service when selecting cooperative cloud warehouse storage services. The most critical thing is that the cloud warehouse service includes a variety of international express transportation channels. The core of the service back end in the cloud warehouse is what kind of transportation channel to transport the goods to be sent, how is the time and cost? Is the core of cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies really need to understand.

TakeSendShip, as a professional cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing generation provider, in more than a decade of international logistics industry working, has accumulated enough valuable experience, and knows that the international logistics is the key to global supply chain stability. Facing the transportation pressure of epidemic prevention and control, TakeSendShip actively develops various channels to meet the cooperation of cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies’ logistics demand.

Most of the services provided by the cloud warehouse storage service providers on the market almost all include goods transportation services. International logistics is also a very large and complex industry, without enough strength and investment, it is difficult to have in-depth research and insights. Because of this reason, the vast majority of cloud warehouse service providers will outsource this service to the third-party logistics service providers are also helpless.

TakeSendShip itself is based on international express delivery, international express special line as a strong support. In terms of international logistics and transportation, TakeSendShip is undoubtedly one of the rare cross-border cloud warehouse service providers of its own international logistics supply chain in the market with both strength and professional experience.

When choosing the international logistics and transportation channels, cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies should first check whether their own platforms have been required to list the international logistics channels recognized by the platform, and the international transportation settings of each channel are also different. The platform does not restrict the international transportation of various channels, but once cross-border e-commerce sellers select the logistics and transportation mode promised to deliver within a certain period of time, they must meet this minimum requirement in the aspect of order transportation time assessment.

TakeSendShip provides a full range of multi-channel international logistics and transportation channels, with a total number of hundreds of channels. International logistics channels will be recommended according to the needs of different sellers.

1: If you have high time requirements, it is recommended to use UPS, DHL, FedEx and other international famous first-line international air transport. TakeSendShip is its level 1 agent and can provide the most comprehensive international express delivery at the best price.

2.If the cost performance requirements are high, the timeliness of the relative need to have a certain guarantee, recommended to use the international special line or express line. TakeSendShip develop multiple line channel for you easy optimization, including but not limited to special line, line, Canada, Europe, Britain, Germany, Poland line, line, Spain, Italy, Brazil, special line, Australia special line, Japan, Russia and a series of line international logistics transportation channels.

3.If the cost requirements are low and relatively slow timeliness,  it is recommended to use international sea transportation channels, which are mostly used for FBA head transportation of sellers with low timeliness requirements. TakeSendShip mainly provides Meisen Express transportation, including Meisen limited time delivery.

4.Transportation channel of special class of goods. TakeSendShip provides pure battery cargo transportation channels, pure electric small bags, as well as light weight and large volume of soaking cargo special line, but also have liquid, ointment class of special cargo transportation channels available.

TakeSendShip specializes in providing cross-border cloud warehouse warehousing services for the whole industry chain to cross-border e-commerce sellers and companies.

Choose TakeSendShip, let your cloud warehouse operation to rise rapidly.

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