How does the cloud warehouse charge fees? TakeSendShip warehousing and logistics quotation

The emergence of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse has significantly reduced the cost of many cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies in warehousing and order processing, while improving the efficiency and reducing the operating costs. The practical change makes the sellers or companies that did not use the cloud warehouse originally, begin to pay attention to and understand how to choose cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse cooperation, and how to charge for cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse? It has gradually become an urgent answer for sellers or enterprises without using cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse to know.

When we choose cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service providers for cooperation, we should understand the scale, brand awareness, fee standard and other information of the cloud warehouse storage service provider from various aspects. Many of these first-time users are more concerned about the price side. However, most of the quotation list of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage is more complex, and the charges are many and miscellaneous, making it difficult to clearly understand and know.

Among them, how to choose the suitable cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service provider is the first step. We have done a special analysis of this issue before, and here we will not explain it again (interested people can search by yourself).

Hereafter, we wold like to  focus with you on understanding: does cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse charge?(Special thanks should be expressed ro the professional cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service provider-TakeSendShip for providing us with charging rules and analysis.)

The TakeSendShip warehousing and logistics quotation is as follows:

1.Warehousing processing and shelf fee: free.

When the products are put into the warehouse in TakeSendShip and put on the shelves, the staff needs to immediately process the goods and distinguish and put the goods on the shelves according to their own characteristics and categories. Most cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouses are charged by piece, and the TakeSendShip service is free of charge.

2.Free cargo storage warehouse rental for 60 days.

After the goods are stored in storage, they will take up the storage space and generate certain costs. However, considering the high industry circulation characteristics of cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies, TakeSendShip has hereby formulated the most suitable and preferential charging scheme for the majority of cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies: warehousing the goods is free of charge within 60 days. Goods higher than 60 days are calculated according to their occupied area and the overdue days, and the cost is also more favorable. Because most of TakeSendShip's partner sellers or enterprises can sell out the goods in 60 days, so it is temporarily understood that the goods are stored for free for 60 days.

3.Advanced and comprehensive and multi-platform docking WMS storage order system is free to use.

A WMS that connects with multiple platforms and multiple ERP e-commerce management software is a necessary necessity. Only when it can connect with your order processing system API can TakeSendShip truly bring you instructions to cloud operation, and reflect the real efficient work process of real-time inventory management.

4.The removal processing fee (i. e., order processing fee) shall be charged at 0.99 USD

When cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies need to send orders, in order to maintain the real-time update and accurate management of the inventory, TakeSendShip will first remove the goods according to the quantity of the orders. Only after the delivery of the order packaging is completed and the quantity verification is correct. During the fee, in order to facilitate your understanding according to 0.99 USD.

5.Cost of packaging materials (not necessary)

The fee is a free choice of charge, for example: if cross-border e-commerce sellers or enterprises can provide the materials needed for packaging, it is free. If TakeSendShip is required, the actual market price of material packaging will be calculated.

These are the fees and fees that TakeSendShip provides is easier to understand. To learn more, please log in to http://www.takesendship.com and contact customer service for a comprehensive understanding.