Can international expresses like UPS, DHL, and FedEx be applied to cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage services?

International cross-border trade has developed from a simple exhibition mode to a cross-border e-commerce online trade transaction mode. Now it has entered a new cloud warehouse cross-border e-commerce mode (that is, there is no need to establish a warehouse and process orders and delivery). The 3.0 era of cross-border e-commerce trade has come.

Many domestic providers of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service have successively launched a lot of services about warehousing, orders sorting, packaging and delivery. So when sending goods, how to do with the need for fast international express delivery? Are the international expresses like UPS, DHL and FedE applicable for transportation?

Through the visit to TakeSendShip, we understand the mode of cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse storage service, which is also clear and complete with the improvement of TakeSendShip storage services. TakeSendShip's practical experience tells us that cross-border e-commerce sellers can freely choose the way and channel to send goods when using cross-border cloud warehouse storage services, without any restrictions.

Here we need to understand what is the next international express delivery first? The so-called international express is the international fast transportation and logistics service with the three major international expresses, that is the UPS, DHL, Fedex. There was originally a TNT company to coexist, but now Fedex has acquired TNT. Therefore, when people talk about international express now, they almost mean these three international expresses.

The reason why international express is praised by many sellers is not only because of its fast transportation, but also because buyers can enjoy the door-to-door parcel delivery service. The satisfaction of buyers with the shopping experience is undoubtedly a recognition of the seller's service. This kind of transportation is suitable for the sales model of cross-border e-commerce platforms such as ebay / wish / aliexpress, and can also be used for the self-delivery model outside of Amazon's FBA transportation.

UPS and Fedex are international express companies with headquartered located in the United States. Due to their geographical position, they have a monopoly position in the express delivery industry in North America. DHL is a European express delivery company headquartered in Europe, and its international express delivery business in Europe also has a great advantage. But with the development of UPS and FEDEX in recent years, the service gap between the three is gradually narrowing.

Why do people choose the national express delivery to transport the goods? This should also start from the advantages of international express delivery. International express delivery has a fast transportation speed, comprehensive and complete tracking information, and the freight cost and cost performance is relatively high. Although it is far away, using the international express delivery service can also make buyers feel the speed and experience of local online shopping.

Since its establishment in 2007, TakeSendShip company has successively become a first-level agent of UPS, DHL and FEDEX International Expresses, providing major cross-border e-commerce sellers or companies to freely choose goods transportation channels on the basis of using TakeSendShip services. Please visit takesendship.com for more details.