What is the process of cloud warehouse storage delivery service?

Now among competitive cross-border Dropshipping sellers, lower operating costs and faster delivery time has become the key point of offline competition. With cloud warehouse, there will not exist the problems of no sufficient room for goods storage and high staff management costs. The mature third-party logistics warehousing will meet any seller’s different demand in daily orders from 1-10,000. And TakeSendShip cloud warehouse is undoubtedly a perfect combination of the two. From the order to the shipment of goods, the whole initial delivery is completed within 24 hours, greatly improving the time efficiency of distribution and also reduces the operating cost of sellers.

Generally speaking, the cloud warehouse can provide the warehousing, sorting and distribution of goods, and some cloud warehouse companies can specifically customized services according to the requirements of the sellers. Here are the basic services of TakeSendShip.

1.After the dropshipping operator determines the goods, it can contact the supplier to directly deliver the goods to TakeSendShip (In Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Yiwu area, it can provide door-to-door delivery). If the supplier chooses the logistics and transportation company to express, the dropshipping operator needs to provide TakeSendShip with a real and effective tracking number (very important).

2.After the goods arrive at TakeSendShip, TakeSendShip will scan and register the goods and simply check the goods to the requirements of the dropshipping operator. After confirmation, TakeSendShip will store the goods according to the characteristics of the goods.

3.When the dropshipping operator generates an order, TakeSendShip will pick up and distribute the order based on the details of the order received, and will integrate and package the order after the picking up, to ensure that the goods can be protected in the process of transportation.

4.After the goods are packaged, TakeSendShip will recommend the most suitable cross-border logistics and transportation service channel according to the characteristics, size, volume and weight of the goods, to maximize the dropshipping operator's requirements for transportation costs, timeliness and safety.

5.TakeSendShip also offers dropshipping operators free storage for 60 days.

6.Safe and guaranteed consignment delivery

As small as one package delivery to as large as tens of thousands of packages delivery, all are inseparable from the supervision of an experienced operation and management process. It enables to accurately, safely, and quickly sort the goods corresponding to the order, and pack to complete delivery.

7.Value-added and after-sales service.

In addition to providing the above services, TakeSendShip will also provide additional value-added services according to the needs of e-commerce companies and sellers, such as: customization of product packaging, printing and posting of product SKU labels, detailed product quality inspection and logo design.

These are the basic services provided by cross-border e-commerce cloud warehouse, and TakeSendShip will also provide more customizable value-added services. Through its own international logistics experience, TakeSendShip will also recommend the relatively best logistics delivery channel with relative better effectiveness and cost according to the products of cooperative cross-border sellers.