Yourself with Our
Value-added Services

Fulfillment automation

TakeSendShip API enables you to integrate your websites and synchronize data.

Integration with our system to help streamline and facilitate your fulfillment.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) is created for real-time monitoring and higher efficiency.

Brand upgrading
Improve your branding

We handle placing your logo and branding on your packages,
flyers, paperwork, and more to let you create that awesome
unboxing experience your customers will remember and love.

High-Value Product
solution with Insurance

Do your business with more profits with product insurance service.

Our Customer
Support Stands Out For

Prompt response 24/7.
Easy communication.
Customer-friendly refund policy.
Timely and reasonable solutions from experts who truly
understand your needs.

Your Business
Is Our Business!

We understand your struggle when dealing with damaged
and lost parcels. That is why our customer-oriented return
and refund policy provides you with reasonable in-time
solutions for product quality and failed delivery issues.